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O Site é Seguro?

YEA! The website is 100% secure
Approved by cielo, making a purchase is very easy, see the step-by-step below:
When you click on the tours you are interested in purchasing, it shows in real time all the necessary information, available places and values in force for the period of your trip.
Just as you are already used to buying airline tickets, concert tickets, and many other products and services directly on websites and Apps.
Now it's time for your tours, organizing your travel itinerary, it's more practical, faster and safer!

Como Chegar

The distance from Bonito to the capital Campo Grande is 300 KM, if you choose a flight arriving at the capital's airport, consider a trip of about 4 hours, being able to hire shared transfer services or car rental.
Remembering that the value of the tours does not include transport, if necessary, it must be requested separately.
The tours are located in different areas of the municipality or even in neighboring municipalities, distant on average 7 km from the city center and can reach up to 73 km.
For those who choose to rent a vehicle, don't forget to have a full tank and some snacks for the trip, the road is quiet without a large flow of cars and no tolls.
Bonito also has an airport, it is 15 km from the city center, however there are flights from Campinas only, a few times a week. In that case, you have to plan ahead.

O que Levar ?

​For an Ecotourism destination that involves trails and hikes, it will be essential: Light and bathing clothes, sneakers, hat. Sunscreen and repellent are prohibited when entering the waters of Bonito, but at other times, they are advisable
In addition to mineral water and a camera for records in paradise.  

Qual melhor época para conhecer Bonito ?

There is no best time, after all, it all depends on the taste of each visitor and the date available for their trip, so for a better schedule, it is important to inform yourself about how the weather usually behaves in the months of the year in the region.

Between December and March: Rainier season, coincides with summer, season of intense heat and temperatures around 30ºC. During this period the waterfalls are fuller; the forest, more green - but there are fewer fish in the rivers because of spawning. It is necessary to know that, with the rains, tours can be canceled if the water in the rivers becomes cloudy. 
Between May and August: The climate is drier, and winter is the time when the rivers are more crystalline and with more fish, but it is also the period when the temperature drops. It is common to be hot during the day and cold at night (minimum of 10ºC).
September, October and November: The climate is maintained with higher temperatures and increasingly sunny days, and sporadic rains, famous "summer rains".
Visitors will see that traveling to Bonito at different times of the year brings unique experiences. 

Duração dos passeios e quanto tempo para reservar ?

Each tour requires a specific time, also including displacement.
Some activities can take a few hours, and you can do up to two in the same day and even include a night tour. Others will take all day.
By clicking on the image of the tour you want to take, the exact duration, what to take, rules and restrictions, as well as vacancies, available days and updated values appear.

In Bonito, as in other destinations, it is also necessary to anticipate with booking tours and hiring transport, if you do not have your own car and accommodation.
Even more with the new biosecurity protocols that emerged in the pandemic against Covid 19, vacancies and schedules are more restricted, operating between 50% and 75% of capacity.

Remembering that during the holidays, long holidays and weekends, the city is crowded, and the tariff on demand can also be applied, as well as the purchase of airline tickets and shows: The sooner you buy, the more into account the value, above of the hour, the attractions may change their rate, without prior notice.
In the low season, prices are more attractive and vacancies are easier.

Informações Gerais

In Mato Grosso do Sul, the time is 01 hour less than Brasília, try to adjust the clock as soon as you arrive so you don't get lost with the time zone. Airlines already automatically adjust the expected arrival.
Bonito has only 04 bank branches with ATMs until 9:00 pm, which are: Banco do Brasil, Banco Bradesco, Sicredi and Caixa Econômica Federal. In Bonito there is no 24-hour bank;

Most establishments accept credit cards, but it is always good to have a cash amount.

For those who don't know how to swim, don't worry! you will float, the neoprene suit included in the floating tours, does not allow you to sink, due to its material, in addition to preventing you from the cold. As extra security, you will also wear a life jacket.

It is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke cigarettes or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the tours. If this happens, the tour guide has the autonomy to remove you from the group, losing the tour without reimbursement of the amount paid.
It is ideal that they consume mineral water and be careful not to ingest water from rivers or waterfalls. Bonito water has a high concentration of calcium carbonate, which can cause heartburn, intestinal upset or discomfort for those who are not used to it.
Choose the ideal season, according to your taste and enjoy your dream trip!


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