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Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul

Pessoa Flutuando

The categories of tours in Bonito-MS

All About Bonito MS, every detail, you will only find it here, in addition build your script.


R$ 174


R$ 169

Discover the clearest waters in the world
Trails and bathing in waterfalls with natural pools



Pessoas no passeio Gruta Catedral.JPG

R$ 74


Caves and sinkhole with formations of thousands of years


Pessoal flutuando com peixes na Praia da figueira

R$ 62


Places to relax in the midst of nature


Pessoasl descendo de Bote no Rio Formoso.jpg

R$ 95


Fun and adrenaline to complete  seus dias 


Imagem das piraputanga na praça da liberdade em Bonito MS

R$ 70


Learn about the history of Bonito and environmental projects.


Pessoa flutuando no Rio Bonito na Cidade de Bonito MS

Trips and Tours

Enjoy the best of life

Travel and tours go far beyond just getting to know a new place. They provide us with unforgettable experiences, and a life full of well-being and accomplishments.

Here, you will find complete information on how to organize your best itinerary.

Prato da gastronomia local Restaurante Juanita


For all tastes

After a day full of  hiking, adventures and excitement, it's time to recharge! Here you will have tips on where you can find your favorite type of food, varied dishes, location, prices and much more. It's already made your mouth water, right? Come with us..  

Mulher no celular

New Tourism

Pandemic and the reinvention of tourism

In addition to the tours, they follow a strict biosecurity protocol, to receive you, the reservations and the way to purchase the tickets, becomes more online than in person. 

A faster and safer way to get to your destination.

Bonito Travel, takes you..

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