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All about Bonito - MS

What you need to know before traveling to Bonito - MS

Hello Traveler!

If you are looking for more information and tips about the best ecotourism destination in Brazil, you are at the right place.

Here we will tell you everything you will need to know before coming to Bonito MS, a lovely place that will surely join your favorites list.

Have you ever imagined floating through some of the most crystalline waters on the planet, traveling thousands of years to discover a cave or recharging in a waterfall? This is Bonito, a destination in which nature and man are in perfect harmony. Where it is possible to appreciate and enjoy the natural beauties, without harming the environment. The Bonito region will surprise you with the variety of attractions it offers, in the midst of nature, more than 40 options for tours of different categories and for all ages.

Praia Balneario Nascente Azul (107)_edited
Buraco das Araras - araras
Parque das Cachoeiras
Porto da Ilha
Aquário Natural
Nascentes da Serra Flutuação
Balanço Nascente Azul_edited

We know that now a days with the variety of information it is "easy" to do quick searches on the web, and already have several sites and blogs related to your search, but doing quick searches without all the information does not guarantee you a good planning for create your best script in trip to Bonito - MS.

Traveling to a place, without having all the necessary information, is neither good nor advisable, in order to have a smooth and unforeseen trip, it is essential to clarify your doubts and also, take into account the recommendations of those who are experts in the destination, such as for example : Best months to visit, the tours that best suit your profile, accommodation, restaurants, transport, low and high season price variations, not only these basic doubts, but also about the city itself, and its curiosities, will make a total difference in your experience when visiting this new destination.

Planning your trip to Beautiful Mato Grosso do Sul, will be extremely important, because, unlike other places, in Bonito there are a number of particularities, such as: 


  1. Your tickets for tours in Bonito, can only be purchased through a local agency, accredited and authorized by the city hall.

  2. The tours in Bonito have a daily limit of visitation by schedule, so it is recommended to book 6 months in advance for high season periods and 3 months in advance for low season periods, so as not to run the risk of not knowing the tours that chose to do.

  3. We have 1 hour less than Brasilia time, that is, be sure to adjust your clock when you arrive in Sul-Mato-grossense soil.

These are just some curiosities that you will find when programming your trip to Bonito; But don`t worry, to help you put together this schedule, we have created a complete Navigation guide, to make it much faster, going directly to your area of interest. 
All this content was built in a very detailed and dynamic format to make your trip unforgettable. Let`s start!


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Bonito is located in the Midwest region of Brazil, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, 
The 297 km away from State capital, Campo Grande MS. Our city borders the municipalities of Jardim and Bodoquena MS, also known as a reference in tourism in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Although Bonito receives thousands of visitors every year, it is a small country town with almost 22,000 inhabitants, like any typical country town, it has this cozy and familiar way that brings peace and tranquility to all its residents and visitors. Bonito was elected more than 16 times, the best ecotourism destination in Brazil, becoming the best-known tourist city in the state. Along with other municipalities, as mentioned before, Jardim, Bodoquena, but not only these, Porto Murtinho and Miranda, are also known, and thus form an important tourist in the surroundings of the Serra da Bodoquena National Park, a conservation area environment, which is located in the Pantanal plain.

Taking into account all the natural beauty of this southern part of Mato Grosso, it is not for nothing that Bonito and other municipalities enchant all types of travelers, not only those looking for a specific tour profile, it caters very broadly to those looking only relax and enjoy the scenery, or perhaps explore the underwater beauties of our famous crystalline waters, there is a wide variety of tours that will delight you in different ways, from the youngest to the best.


Atratur-Mapa-Bonito-e-Regiões (1).jpg

map of Bonito MS,by Atratur

Nascentes da Serra.jpeg

Rio da Prata

Nascentes da Serra - Rio Azul

The geological formation of this region is extremely rich in calcium and magnesium bicarbonate, which gave rise to large extensions of underground cavities. This makes the soil work as a absorbing a lot of water, which resurfaces completely transparent and rich in this mineral, providing a beautiful shade of blue.
It is precisely these characteristics, the crystallinity and transparency of the rivers, that attract tourists from all over the world, but once they are here, you can see that Bonito is much more complete and incredible than just its waters.  Among the best known rivers are the Rio Sucuri, the city's main river, the Rio Formoso, the Rio Mimoso and the Rio Baía Bonita.
Environmental preservation has become one of the central pillars of the city, tourist activity and has brought with it progress, development, visibility among many other advances for the entire community, thus Bonito has become a pleasant and sustainable place not only for residents who took advantage of this new structure to make Bonito keep progressing, but not taking away the essence that makes Bonito be beautiful literally.


With diversities of attractions in the city center, such as the famous handicraft shops that always bring that air of nature and that remind us how important it is to have our memories, so we can take a little piece of Bonito wherever we go. But also for visitors who have the opportunity to discover a destination like no other, with maximum structure, comfort, safety, comfort, fun, and everything else that Bonito can offer. was not lost, so much so that the only bank branches available in the center are Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, Sicredi, and Sicoob. One of the most interesting things about Bonito is how safe it is. As in other cities in the interior, there is no need to keep looking after and checking your purse or wallet, as this is not a place where you are approached and robbed on the street. The people are welcoming and very helpful to help you with information or for a good chat with friends. Therefore, walking at night is an excellent option to get to know the city center better, visit the handicraft shops, or get distracted by the bars. and restaurants with live music and taste the delights of our cuisine, most of these places are on the main street called Pilad Rebuá, on the stretch between Rua 29 de Maio and Praça da Liberdade with the famous giant piraputangas that represent the main species of fish in the region. In addition to offering this security and a good list of attractions to visit, Bonito offers a variety of accommodation options, including inns with very economic rates and good location such as Pousada Calliandra, to more luxurious and exclusive hotels such as Pousada Arte da Natureza and Zagaia Eco Hotel Resorts, also catering to all visitor profiles, as you can see Bonito is a completely complete destination that leaves nothing to be desired. want

square ofIndecency 

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-26 at 15.18.19 (1).jpeg

Abismo Anhumas

Onde fica localizado Bonito - MS ?

It will surprise you with an unforgettable adventure. in addition to the incredible view of the Salobra River and Serra da Bodoquena.

from R$ 723

Why is it worth visiting Bonito - MS?

A unique destination that pays off and a lot to know!
Not only for the place that is really incredible, both for its natural beauties and the number of grottoes and caverns, waterfalls of all forms that multiply, the number of colorful fish swimming around it, or the countless springs of transparent waters sprouting from the land, all of this in the same place, would make up for everything.
It's easy to reach, the waters are really crystal clear as we see in the photos, it's a modern destination that at the same time has its essence, which invests in sustainable practices and environmental conservation for the next generations.
If we list all the reasons for you to add our city to your list of priorities and desires to visit, I would fly here tomorrow.
Bonito is a complete destination in every sense and it would be worth getting to know and recognize whenever you can.
Now that we have answered this question   and overcome this unknown question about paying off visiting Bonito, we can move on to another big question; Bonito is a city known as "face", have you also heard about it?
We've all heard it over and over again.
Why is Bonito so expensive? Really? Expensive compared to what exactly? We separated some topics to clarify this other question. 

Parque das Cachoeiras


Nascente Azul

Is beautiful really expensive?

Come on, it's clear that cheap and expensive involve many different things, not just the value of a specific product. Look how we can expand this view on whether Bonito is expensive or not:
The periods considered more expensive in Bonito are the High Season, which corresponds to the vacation and holidays, such as School Holidays,  Christmas and New Year's Eve, a time when people usually travel much more, and, consequently, places with water and tranquility for a good vacation, such as Bonito, will be one of the most sought after.
Even because the greater the demand, the greater the value!
But in this case we are not just talking about the values of the tours in Bonito, which vary slightly when compared to the Low Season periods, representing a maximum difference of 30%, but also, as an example, plane tickets that can reach become up to 100% more expensive in these periods.
This makes us think that the time you choose or is the one you have time to know, due to vacations or something like that, impacts much more on the values of the trip than you might think.
Another account that few travelers make is that the security and exclusivity of the services offered in Bonito, when compared to  other famous destinations, even international destinations, comes at a cost for this excellence and exclusivity.

Abismo Anhumas Flutuação

A breathtaking ride, a 72-meter abseiling descent, then a floating ride to see the largest freshwater cones.

The Abismo Anhumas, for example, which is currently the most expensive tour in Bonito (R$ 1,690 until December 31, 2022) and one of its activities, is the only attraction in the world in this category of cave diving, prepared and authorized to offer Safely Diving Baptism With Cylinder. 
The place is known for providing the emotion of reaching 8m deep to any traveler with or without a diving certificate. This in a world dominated by other destinations such as Cancún, Los Cabos, Tulum, Baja California and Fernando de Noronha.
But this is just an example, Bonito offers several tours and different categories and also with different prices.
So to say that Bonito is expensive is not true information!
For example, getting to know the Gruta do Lago Azul, which is one of   most popular natural monuments in the destination, it is possible to buy a ticket for BRL 90.00 in downtown and BRL 130.00 in high, (until December 31, 2022) which is the equivalent of 15 euros and 20 euros respectively, that is, nothing so shocking in terms of value, right?  
In another category, that of floating tours in Bonito, which are the unmissable attractions in a travel package that has the main attractions of the destination, the cost is also proportional to that of an important attraction in any travel destination. We have to take into account that any destination has its particularity, and its cost to carry it out in the safest and most competent way possible.
Another important point to note, to float on the Sucuri River, which is considered the most crystalline river in Brazil and the third most crystalline water in the world, and which is also in Bonito, you will spend the equivalent of 36 euros in 2022 (values from Low Season) this includes the accredited guide and complete equipment for the activity (R$ 216.00 until December 31, 2022) In addition, after knowing the tour, you can enjoy the structure of the reception of the place, with a swimming pool , places for photos, restaurant with variety of dishes for your choice.
Compared to some famous beach destinations, for example, the same amount is spent, an average of R$ 200.00 just to rent a pair of chairs with an umbrella, with nothing else included. That's why we reaffirm that due to all  structure provided in Bonito, we cannot say that it is expensive.
Adding the values of the tours, the expenses with the airfare, or even the land vehicle whether it be a bus, van or private car (which still has separate costs such as gasoline, etc..) and food, traveling to Bonito in 2022 will cost a lot cheaper than any international trip, and even to other national destinations. this is a fact!

Juanita Restaurant

(67) 3255 1924

John's House Restaurant

(67) 3255 1212

Boteco Juanita

(67) 9 9888 9968

Restaurante do Marco Velho

(67) 3255 3152

Tapera Restaurant

(67) 9 9254 1301

Pantanal Grill on Brasa

(67) 9 9267 9832

the big house

(67) 3255 1970

Taste of the House

(67) 9 8447 3515


How to get to Bonito-MS?

Access to Bonito is simple and common, there are 4 means of transport most used to get to Bonito, which are: own / rented car, van, plane or bus.

How to get to Bonito by car?

Own/rented car is one of the means most used by travelers, who disembark at Campo Grande International Airport and have the option of renting with us through the main ones in the country such as Movidas or Localiza, picking up the vehicle inside the airport, as soon as they disembark .
And also travelers who   already leave their city of origin directly for Bonito in their own vehicle. In both situations, coming by car is undoubtedly the best option for those who prioritize greater freedom, but it may not be the most economical option.
The journey takes an average of 3h to 4h, but this can vary depending on the driver, stops on the road, etc. 
The roads are very accessible and quiet,   without duplicate highways, but on the other hand, here you will be free to pay tolls. If the best option for you is to land at Campo Grande Airport and rent a vehicle there for Bonito, you must pay attention to these tips:
As we mentioned before, at Campo Grande International Airport, there are counters from the main car rental companies, but it is recommended to make reservations in advance, carefully compare prices, check the documentation required for picking up the vehicle, and the opening hours of the car rental companies inside the airport. Do not leave it for the last minute to avoid possible unforeseen events or unavailability, as demand is always very high.
Another important piece of advice is not to use GPS or route apps like Waze to define the best route to Bonito. They usually offer two route options, one via BR 262, passing through Aquidauana and another via BR 060, passing through Sidrolândia.
Only consider this second option. 
The best way to drive to Bonito is via BR 060, passing through Sidrolândia, Nioaque, Guia Lopes da Laguna until you reach Bonito. 
The best places to stop between Campo Grande in Bonito, whether for a snack or supplies, are Casa do Pão de Queijo, in Sidrolândia, known for its wonderful and considered the best cheese breads in the region, and to supply the Ipê Auto Posto, in Clover of Nioak.
It is important to note that the gas stations are 100 km apart on this road, so   always fill up with fuel before leaving to avoid staying on the road.

How to get to Bonito by van?

Another very common way to arrive in Bonito is by means of vans that depart daily from Campo Grande Airport, at previously defined times.
Landing in Bonito is done directly at hotels and inns, making life easier for the traveler. The trip lasts just over 4 hours and makes a stop along the way.
Schedules are fixed and need to be booked in advance, just talk to one of our Bonito Travel agents to guarantee your spot.
About the value of the transfer:   It is also tabulated, the ideal is  book, together with the so-called vouchers (tickets for the tours).  
Until December 31, 2022, the van ticket from Campo Grande to Bonito and Bonito Campo Grande costs BRL 130.00 per person each way. 
BRL 260.00 per person (round trip)
The advantage over the bus is that, in addition to being able to board directly at the airport, passengers can disembark directly at their inn or hotel in Bonito, eliminating extra expenses with taxis.
The first departure of the day is at 10 am and the last one at night, for the same price (R$ 130) it leaves at 8 pm, but at different times, just book according to the best option for you.
On holidays there is usually an extra departure after this time for flights that arrive later in the capital, but as it is not a landline, you need to consult one of our travel agents to see if it is available on your date or not.

How to get to Bonito by plane?

Bonito has an airport that is just 15 km from the city center, and receives planes of all sizes, but the most used airport is still Campo Grande, which is almost 300 km away. That's because tickets to Campo Grande are usually more economical and with more options for airlines and schedules.
Taking into account that you will save on transportation from Campo Grande to Bonito, and especially on travel time, it may be that the ticket directly to Bonito is not so high, since the cost benefit ends up being higher.
Making it an excellent option as a means of arriving in Bonito, disembarking directly at the city's airport.
Bonito Regional Airport currently receives 4 flights per week operated by Azul on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, all with connections departing from Viracopos (but it is important to confirm on the specific websites of the companies)
In addition to these Azul flights, as of December, Gol Linhas will operate 2 direct flights from Congonhas, one on Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays.
From Bonito Airport to the city center it is less than 10 minutes by taxi or local transport, but we always advise you to do all this transfer with us, as we already know everything about your package, accommodation, schedules, etc.. and we will avoid any setbacks. This service must also be booked in advance through one of our Bonito Travel agents, on average R$100.00 for a private car for up to 4 people.
These values are valid only for hotels and inns located in the urban area of the city.
As for travelers with reservations at "exclusives" such as Pousada Boyrá and Hotel Santa Esmeralda, which are farther from the city center, transfer prices from the airport are subject to consultation, and will depend on the number of passengers.

How to get to Bonito by bus?

This is the most economical way to get to Bonito from Campo Grande, for those who don't have their own/rented car and need to save as much money as possible on transportation.
However, it is not the most recommended nor the fastest.
The route is made by Viação Cruzeiro do Sul and the difference in relation to the vans is only R$ 30.00 per person, so the amount charged for the bus ticket from Campo Grande to Bonito, or Bonito Campo Grande is R$ 100.00 (until December 31, 2022).
You can choose between two boarding options, it can be done at the Campo Grande Bus Terminal or at the Airport itself. 
The choice is made when purchasing the ticket, which we recommend doing well in advance to avoid unforeseen events. Buying directly through the Cruzeiro do Sul website.
The biggest problem with using the bus as a means of getting to Bonito is the fact that there is only one departure per day, at 8 am and most flights arrive in Campo Grande only after this time._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
And also the fact that the bus is more geared towards an interstate means of transport, that is, it stops in other municipalities to board other people whose destination is also the city of Bonito, thus making the trip more exhausting and more long, almost 6, 8 hours long due to these breaks along the way. 

What are the best months to visit Bonito?

There are busier times like vacations and holidays are usually the best times when we receive more visitors, and that is usually in the heat. Although Bonito is recognized for activities in crystalline waters, diving, rivers, etc., it is very common to think that it is a destination only for the heat, but Bonito has also been sought after as a destination to visit in winter, because during this time be low temperatures, between June and August, and the climate is generally dry, so you enjoy more than in other destinations where the focus is only on summer, heat like the beach for example, let's agree that going to the beach in the cold is not at all pleasant and pleasant isn't it?
For this very reason, Bonito has become an excellent option for travelers who do not have as much flexibility in terms of dates, and their vacation, for example, ended up falling during a cold or dry season in some places, but who still want to enjoy and enjoy their vacation with the family. Another important piece of information they overlook is that it is usually precisely in times of drought that the waters are more crystal clear than normal, and the big question is "won't the water be too cold?" cool so the thermal sensation will also be, but the waters of Bonito remain at the same temperature throughout the year between 21° to 25° degrees on average.

What is the difference between visiting in summer and winter?

What would change coming in the heat to come in the cold is the climate and temperature out of the water that may not be pleasant for some travelers, but for adventurers who want to take a risk, a tip is to put on clothes under the neoprene suit if you do fluctuation, for example a long-sleeved blouse to cut the cold a bit. Another important piece of information is that it is in winter that promotions and low-season prices for most tours, accommodation, transport and even food are available, so if the idea is to save money during these times, these are great options. And it is also in the cold that it is possible to discover and carry out the activity of one of the most famous walks in Bonito, the Lagoa Misteriosa, the only sinkhole authorized for diving in the region, the blue of the water is so spectacular that it enchants everyone who comes only in photos. , imagine meeting in person having this incredible experience of abseiling, floating or diving in this spectacular Abyss, it is to feel unique in the world. There are many reasons to visit Bonito in times that are considered bad to visit, but as we explained before Bonito is complete in all aspects, so it is in all seasons too!
The weather in Bonito - MSregularly very tropical and maintains a constant and pleasant temperature throughout the year. 
Between the months of December and March, it's summer and it's also the time of year that is most conducive to rain in the city, and the temperature can reach up to 35º C. 
In winter, which occurs between the months of May and September, the waters are more crystal clear, and you can more easily observe the animals that inhabit the region. In the winter months, temperatures drop a little, especially at night, remaining warmer during the day, an average of 13º C to 25º C, but temperatures can reach up to 4º C, on colder days.
Of course, there is a big difference in getting to know Bonito in winter and summer, the most common is considered the best time, the summer times, which are usually between December and early March, are great options for those traveling with children for taking into account the school holidays, and all the other holidays of the year, which are known as high season and prices can go up, anyway these are the busiest months around here, and they are also the months that we advise you to book in advance, to guarantee vacancies, good times and the tours you want to know, because as it is high season, vacancies run out faster, so we recommend booking at least 6 months in advance in high season and 3 months in low season._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
Having explained this doubt, now it's about what suits you best, what is your profile, your family and/or friends, all seasons are incredible to know; today we cannot say with such precision which months it will rain or not, which will be cold or dry, with climate changes this information is increasingly unstable, so always try to clarify these doubts with our agents, to find out how the weather is near the your trip, even to prepare yourself and, if necessary, pack a jacket, in case it's cold at the time, it's good to walk around the center and learn more about Bonito and everything it has to offer._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
Now it's up to you, tell us, what would be the perfect time for your trip? What do you want to know around here? What are your unanswered questions? Let's program the dream trip together?!. Chat with us +55 (67) 9 9263 7393

Weather Forecast for Bonito MS

Now that you know more about how the weather usually behaves in the different months in Bonito Mato Grosso do Sul, it is recommended to consult some weather sites before your trip.
Remembering that when it comes to Ecotourism and nature destinations, even the best weather forecast site will not be able to guarantee 100% the exact climate of how it will be in a few days, this is increasingly unstable worldwide.
The important thing is to make the most of your trip, regardless of the weather.
Normally the most reliable and detailed is Climatempo Bonito MS, in addition to providing the forecast for the next 15 days at the destination, it also provides statistical and historical data on rainfall across the region.
Even with rain, most of the tours follow the normal schedule, as it does not interfere with the visibility of the water, as for example in the floating tours the waters are still crystal clear, and in the Gruta tours, water does not usually enter the cave in large quantities, due to to the crevices.  
The tours in Bonito - MS, are only prohibited (they close temporarily or even all day) in cases of heavy rain or storms, when there is a risk of lightning, thus preventing the tour from being carried out safely.
All of this monitoring is done by the guides and those responsible for the tour, before starting your day's activities, thus, communicating in a timely manner, whether it will be normal or prohibited, before you go to it.
Attractions indicated for rainy days: Gruta São Miguel, Gruta do Mimoso, Gruta São Mateus, Abismo Anhumas and fluctuations.
Now, you traveler and Bonito Travel customer, who made all the reservations for the tours with us, have an extra bonus, which is our application that already has the weather forecast in the palm of your hand, along with each day of your tour and tickets, everything in one place; thus optimizing your time to make the most of your days and Bonito.

The Digital Guide

Everything you need to have the best experience in the Bonito - MS destination, real-time information, location, routes, tickets, online check-in, notifications about the operation of the tours,

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