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Tasting the flavors of the house

Nothing better after a day full of adventures and emotions, getting to know the flavors of the house, tasting the typical dishes of the region and recharging your energies.
The local cuisine is very complete, for different tastes and mouth-watering.
There are many options of restaurants, bars and kiosks, spread throughout the city.

The most popular dishes in Bonito's kitchens are fish: painted, pacu, piraputanga, dourado and traíra, which come to the table with all kinds of preparations and sauces.
And for those who like the traditional, the city has pizzerias, hamburgers, Arab, oriental and natural foods are some of the great options.
It's not easy to describe so many flavors, so enjoy your trip and bon appetit!


Juanita Restaurant
Regional food, including pacu on the grill & traditional side dishes, in a cozy, country setting.
Lunch and Dinner: A La Carte dishes.
Operation: Wednesday to Monday 

John's house
Dishes with traíra, painted with annatto and typical of the Pantanal region, petit gateau de guavira and an option for kids.
Lunch and Dinner: A La Carte dishes.
Operation: Monday to Saturday 

Tapera Restaurant
Picanha, freshwater fish and other Pantanal foods in a rustic restaurant right in the city center.
Lunch: Free Buffet and Dinner: A La Carte .
Operation: Monday to Saturday 

Boteco Juanita 
Traditional flavors of the region and dishes with a Paraguayan influence. Several options of snacks and meals prepared with love and a lot of seasoning!
Boteco Juanita is located in Vila Rebuá Gastronomia, a food court in the center of the city.
Operation: Wednesday to Monday

Pantanal Grill Goumert
It offers the peculiar alligator meat, the house also serves fish and various meats, in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.
Lunch and Dinner: A La Carte dishes.
Operation: Every day

the mansion
The flagship is the one painted with annatto on the tile, it also offers various types of fish, meat and pasta.
Lunch and Dinner: A La Carte dishes.
Operation: Every day

Sale and Pepe
Specializing in oriental food, the house also serves freshwater fish in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.
Lunch and Dinner: A La Carte dishes.
Operation: Everyday 


Zap Zen 
Specializing in light pizzas, the place also serves wraps, juices and craft beers in a quiet, artisanal setting.
Operation: Thursday to Tuesday 

Venus Pizzeria
Pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven with over 30 flavors including sweet chocolate, prestige, banana and Romeo and Juliet pizzas. 
Wood-fired pizza à La Carte and Disk-Pizza.
Operation: Everyday 

San Marino
Traditional pizzas in a variety of flavors, including sweet pizzas.
A La Carte and Disk-Pizza.
Operation: Every day

Snacks & Portions 

Beautiful Pastel
Savory and sweet pastries with classic, unusual, magical, esoteric, original, thought-provoking, vegetarian and vegan fillings.
Operation: Monday to Saturday

beautiful skewer
A casual, hip restaurant with a balcony & grilled meat menu with house-made side dishes.
Operation: Monday to Saturday

Arabic & Natural Turquoise
Snacks & Arabic dishes, with a focus on natural ingredients, in a quiet, artistic setting.
Operation: Monday to Saturday

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