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Car rental

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Average 4 Hours
Campo Grande - Bonito - Campo Grande

For those who prefer mobility, autonomy and privacy, we recommend renting a car.
With pick-up options in Campo Grande or Bonito , it is possible to rent a car in several categories, from the most basic to the most complete car.

º free km;
º According to the category: Air - conditioning, hydraulic steering, electric windows and locks, 04 doors, Air bag, ABS;
º Vehicle protection;
º Protection for third parties;
º Free km.
º Fuel;
º Car wash fee;
º Accessories and/or Equipment;
º Special Services.
º Be at least 21 years of age;
º Have at least 2 years of license;
º Have the credit approved by Localiza. With a credit card, profile approval can be immediate.
º The daily rate of the car is 24 hours, with up to 1 hour of tolerance for return;
º Withdrawal with a full tank and return in the same condition, if it is not full, Localiza will charge the difference in value;
º Present, in addition to CNH, CPF and RG;

Shared Transport

Average 4 Hours
Campo Grande - Bonito - Campo Grande

Buses and vans, have a daily route making the sections:
Airport  de Campo Grande x Bonito
Bonito x Aeroporto  de Campo Grande 

For tours, transport already has a schedule with schedules and tours throughout the week.
Those who choose this format have a more economical means of transport, as it is shared, and that   follows a schedule of different tours, remembering that it limits your arrival and departure time for each tour to the collective will of the group.

On the days of scheduled tours, the driver stops by the hotel and takes you to the tours. At the end of them, the driver brings them back to the hotel.
º Does not include additional transfers in this itinerary; Consider that transport is shared and more people will use it.
º Departure time varying from 15 to 30 minutes according to the place of accommodation and traveler's itinerary.

Private Transport

Average 4 Hours
Campo Grande - Bonito - Campo Grande

You also have the option of hiring a car with a driver, exclusively for you and your companions.
With greater privacy and flexibility.
º The values vary according to the number of people, distance and duration of the tours in your itinerary.
º For more information, please contact us.

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