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Urban Tours in Bonito MS 

Tour prices vary according to the season, with high and low season periods. Click "Buy" to check the price for the period of your trip.
Projeto Jibóia .jpg

Projeto Jibóia



R$ 70

Bia Park.webp

Bio Park



R$ 105

Aquário de Bonito.jpg

Aquário de Bonito



R$ 50


Important Information for your Dream Trip..

In Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul , there are also options for urban tours, where tourists can learn about environmental preservation projects, different species of fauna, stories and curiosities about the region.
​Each of the above options has its uniqueness, but in general, they all follow the working pattern below:
Upon arriving at the receptive place, tourists are greeted with complete instructions on how the visitation dynamics will be.

Jiboia Project: A lecture on preservation, which, in a relaxed way, seeks to awaken a new perception and break paradigms. A visit to the Jiboia project will change your view on snakes, a night walk in the center of the city, after the lecture, you can take a photo with one of the Jiboias.

Bonito Aquarium: Bonito Aquarium houses rare fish and a wide variety of species, with more than 3 thousand fish in a structure with aquariums and lakes totaling more than 200 thousand liters of water. You can see up close large species of jaus, painted, pacus and dorado, snakefish, albino fish and much more.

Bio Park: The visitor has the opportunity to meet several species of animals of our fauna, including birds, reptiles and mammals. The 700-meter trail is guided by the local technical team. The tour has a mini farm, where visitors can interact with small horses, mini cows, among other domestic animals. 

Clicking on the image, you can check more details and guarantee your spot!​
Camera, water, sunscreen and repellent

Combine your urban tour with a place for lunch or dinner, and recharge your batteries, getting to know the flavors of our regional cuisine

Jiboia Project + Dinner at Juanita restaurant
Bonito Aquarium + Dinner at Casa do João
Bio Park + Lunch at the restaurant O Casarão 


Distance from the City Center

Bio Park
3 km

Localização Laranja (2).png

Projeto Jibóia
800 m

Localização Laranja (2).png

Aquário de Bonito
100 m

Localização Laranja (2).png

The values vary according to each attraction, some change on holidays and periods of great movement, working with a high season table and others with a tariff on demand, that is:

The sooner you buy, the more chances you have of getting the best prices.

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