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What to do in Bonito-MS?

As soon as you enter the city you realize that there is a lot to do, not only the stunning tours, but also the city center that conveys all this beauty that we see in photos or videos. Remembering Bonito is not a destination for resting at the hotel or just going out at night in the center, despite it being incredible. Knowing the tours of Bonito and the region is what really makes the trip worthwhile and unforgettable like no other.

It is always good to remember that the main tourist attractions are far from the city and need to be booked in advance.

To get a small idea of ​​the variety of activities, it is possible to visit 1 tour per day for 40 days without repeating any! So there are lots of things to do, lots to see, our "little town" goes far beyond the crystal clear waters and the charming fish we see, that's not even the half of what this paradise we call Bonito is.

Before we talk about everything you can do in Bonito, we need to remember that there are no free natural tours, of course we can always enjoy them without spending a lot, so there are more economical tours, all with incredible structures too, but we would like to take the opportunity to warn you: There are no completely free tours, because by charging admission fees, the attractions guarantee the structure and sustainability of the tour, and that all necessary equipment is within the norms and standards established for the activity and in good condition.

Where are the tours in Bonito?

The tours in Bonito are located on private farms, some closer to the city and others further away or even in neighboring municipalities such as: Jardim and Bodoquena.

Passeios em Bonito SM e suas localizações
Mapa dos passeios em Bonito

Due to environmental laws, everyone has a limit on the number of people visiting, per day and time, and this control is very strict.

The attractions are classified by category to facilitate booking, and, although in some cases they even offer similar activities, they are very different from each other. They function as a type of park complex and generally offer complete infrastructure, with snack bars or restaurants with a variety of options to choose from, as well as changing rooms, swimming pools, bathrooms and parking, at no extra cost.

Tickets cannot be sold directly at the tour entrance, as this is prohibited by law and subject to high fines in case of non-compliance.

You can only buy through agencies located in the city, and of course the ideal is to always book in advance, to get places on the chosen tours and guarantee the best times.

There is a difference between the tickets!!! Some already include the guide's accompaniment, equipment for the reserved activity and even lunch in the amount charged, while others only guarantee entry to the attraction.

Attention when purchasing tickets for tours in Bonito: Guarantee your reservation with a company authorized by the city of Bonito - MS, and with someone who already has experience and expertise in the best itineraries, so you do not run the risk of any possible loss or frustration.

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